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Like a Fish in the Water

Embrace your Inner Child, Enlarge your Self-Worth and Empower your True Potential

Your inner child makes you feel and enjoy life like a fish in the water (© Pixabay)

It is my strong belief that everything we need to live a happy life is essentially present in us. It is there from the beginning, and it never really goes away. This is an important and empowering insight. What then goes wrong in later life?

Compare it with an onion. An onion consists of a pure core surrounded by numerous layers. These layers become so numerous over the years that contact with your pure core disappears.

That pure core is your inner child, your real self. It gets afflicted. Often, you will live a life that is no longer yours. You begin to adjust. You will do everything to be seen and loved. You do not always get the unconditional attention and love you deserve.

During life, your survival instinct tells you that you must protect yourself against all adverse external influences. There might even be a good chance that you will gradually build up an ego of perfection to protect yourself. You might build an ego of status, or an ego of conformity, or an ego of ‘being in control’. The result of this dominant ego is that you do not lead an authentic and satisfying life.

The good news is that your inner child is still there. It has always been there. Therefore, it is still possible to reconnect to it, to embrace it and to integrate its natural power into your actual life.

In a nutshell

  • This program of 2 to 2.5 hours is based on NLP parts work combined with the notorious Ericksonian hypnosis.
  • Together we draw a clear map of your inner child. This is the bright and cheerful child within you. It is a joyful and powerful thing to do.
  • In a deep trance (*), you will feel and enjoy the power of your inner child, and you will reconnect with a laugh.
  • We transport all the good things from your inner child to the here and now, and you get the chance to integrate.

(*) Trance is a natural state of being, a state of “highly focused attention” (Anné Linden). Compare it with the state of being completely absorbed in an exciting book.

Good for everyone

  • In daily life, there will be much more space to really be yourself.
  • The feeling of not being good enough, which often resides deep in your unconscious mind, begins to transform into ‘I am okay as I am’.
  • You will seek approval from others much less.
  • You will feel lighter, freer, more cheerful – being all characteristics of your inner child.
  • Your self-worth will increase. You will feel the power of your own potential. Your life energy will be flowing again.

Life changing

  • Your investment for this program is 240 euros + 21% VAT.
  • After a two month period we will conduct a short evaluation. Then you decide whether you want to go on with the coaching.

Look and listen

Adia Gooden

“Pervasive low self-worth is a root cause of mental illness”

Contact Luc Van De Steene by mail to luc@sephira.be


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