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Want to get to know yourself better?

Unless you are at rest, your head is often like a chat box and sometimes even more like a chatterbox. All that noise! This chatbox is almost always fed by old pain or old grief, from previous generations and supplemented with your own grief. This critical voice in your head is your child-ego still screaming for attention. Maybe as a child, you didn’t get all the attention you really wanted …

The noisy child-ego can only transform into the quiet adult-ego when the old pain can first be released. In addition, there are numerous defense mechanisms that shield this childlike pain. Old pain is blocked energy, the power of which is beyond the mind. It should be released through the body in the first place.

Consciousness has the power to choose its source of information: the chatbox or the higher (or inner) self, which is the source of positive thoughts and positive energy. Consciousness has the power to choose, or not if it is guided and even overwhelmed by the power of the old pain.

Consciousness sends the information to the subconscious. The subconscious simply listens and carries out the instructions, without judging and without knowing the difference between right and wrong. When the subconscious is told, I am a weak and unworthy person, it makes your body physically weak. It connects to your feelings and you start to feel depressed and helpless. It connects to your intellect and makes you think you are stupid. The result is that you feel negative energy, and you can begin to experience all kinds of physical complaints.

On the other hand, when you address your higher self, through meditation or self-hypnosis, and your subconscious is told, I am a strong and dignified person, it makes you physically strong. It connects to your feelings, making you feel confident and alive. It connects to your intellect so you can think clearly. You get a shot of positive energy. You enjoy life!

Next level. Since you are part of a universal energetic field, the law of attraction will be in effect. It works in two directions. The universal field brings back to you what you initially have ‘asked’ for. When the information says ‘I am weak and unworthy’ the universe will deliver all kinds of negative things to your subconscious. You feel cut off. You don’t achieve what you want. On the contrary, when you express, I am strong and worthy, your subconscious is only given back positive things. In the external world, you will attract what is good for you.

Negative energy attracts the negative. Positive energy attracts positive. It is up to you to choose and I will be happy to assist you in this wonderful process.

© Luc Van De Steene / Sephira bvba